I’m an adult beginner – do I need to have taken piano lessons or do I need any prior musical ability or knowledge?

To begin with Pianoforall doesn’t expect anything ‘musical’ from you. Nor does it expect that you have to MEMORIZE any piano sheet music. If you simply follow the instructions you will learn to play piano by ear, improvise, create compositions and then eventually read piano sheet music.

Pianoforall helps you to see the keyboard (and piano sheet music) in a new way. Instead of a frightening alien language you will learn to see the keyboard in terms of SHAPES and PATTERNS. This is one reason why the piano is one of the easiest instruments to learn – the shapes and patterns are so easy to see on a keyboard.

I can play piano by ear already – what else will Pianoforall teach me?

Not only will you learn to play piano by ear but piano sheet music will make so much more sense. All those Classical musicians, like Bach and Mozart, whose sheet music you read, knew more than just how to sight read! Playing piano by ear is a bit misleading, in that, most people who can play piano by ear, actually have more of an understanding of piano chords, rhythms and musical patterns and motifs.

Does it matter if I learn on a piano or a keyboard?

It makes no difference at all. Pianoforall covers so many styles, you will be able to play on either instrument with ease.

What age group is pianoforall suited to? Are these adult beginner piano lessons?

Pianoforall covers a wide age group. Adult beginners love the piano lessons because they learn so quickly, they don’t have to spend too much time practicing and they get to avoid years of piano lessons. It’s also great for teenagers who want a fun (and ‘cool’) way to learn piano or keyboards to play in a Band or in school. It isn’t really designed for younger kids – (that Book is coming soon so bookmark this page and check in now and then)

How long will it take to download?

If you purchase the entire course on CD Rom and then all you have to do is copy it straight onto your computer in about 20 seconds.

If you have a fast Internet connection you can download everything in one go – this takes about 10 minutes (time for a coffee)

If you have a slow Internet connection you can download each book (with corresponding videos) separately in your own time.

Depending on your computer it shouldn’t take any longer than minutes. You will have permanent access to the downloads page should you need it.

Do I need special software?

Pianoforall requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 6 (or later) and Quicktime which should be on your computer already. If not you can download them free from the Internet and neither needs any special ‘set up’. Full details will be given after the purchase.

Can I print the books out?

The great thing about pianoforall is you get to own it the minute you buy it. After that you can either view it on screen or print out whatever pages you happen to be working on.